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Kamicat GmbH is one of the largest social games production companies in Germany. We specialize on quality online games with innovative social functions and high-level technical implementation. We develop our applications in offices in Hanover and Berlin, as well as in Barcelona, Spain. Kamicat Football is the world's #1 browser game football simulation!

In Kamicat Football 2014 you become the manager of a small football club which aims for the highest league. Your club can first win the national championships and then compete against the best international clubs.

Manage your Team

Your team starts out in a very small local division. Win matches to get promoted to higher leagues. Climb up your national football pyramid all the way to the top to win the national championship. Then try to master the international campaign with even more challenging football leagues all around the world. Can you write history and become Kamicat Football Champion?   »

Play 3D Matches

During matches, you take full control of the action! Kamicat Football is a spectacular football simulation with revolutionary 3D graphics. Dribble, combine, score goals, free kicks, corner kicks, offside, penalties... Kamicat Football is an all around realistic and impressive 3D football simulation created by  football enthusiasts for  football enthusiasts.   »

Get to the Top

Choose among a vast number of national championships and try to build your way up to the top. Earn stars for your team crest by completing challenges. Check your friends' league positions and try to promote faster than they do. Play Multiplayer Challenges against your friends and collect Challenge Points. Will you dominate the football world?   »

Play Online

No installation required! Even though Kamicat Football features impressive 3D graphics, you can play it in your browser without the need for a complicated installation process first. The game is available on Facebook and on Kongregate, and it is free to play on both platforms. Play now:
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